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Project Management: Advanced Topics

Dates: April 7-8, 2021

Meets: Wed. and Thu., Apr. 7, 8, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Location: Zoom

Registration Fee & Materials: $449.00

Add Advanced Skills and Techniques to Your Project Management Toolkit

Project Managers encounter a wide variety of situations where basic Project Management skills and expertise may not be applicable. The successful Project Manager can draw on advanced Project Management techniques to succeed.

This class introduces Project Managers to a number of advanced Project Management techniques that they will certainly want to know at some point in their Project Management careers. These advanced skills will give the Project Manager additional depth in their skill set, and add confidence that they can handle the more difficult and complex Project Management challenges.

  • When the Agile Project Management model will work for your project, and how to use Agile
  • What to do when you take over as Project Manager on an existing project. Emphasis will be given to the Project Manager’s actions if the project is in trouble
  • When leadership is required on the project – as opposed to management – and how to be a leader
  • How to manage the inevitable conflicts that will occur on the project team and with stakeholders
  • How others are managing real-life projects, and solving the problems they encounter on those projects
  • Know whether your project will benefit from Agile Project Management techniques, and how to apply them
  • Provide team leadership when necessary
  • Identify and deal with conflicts between team members, as well as between stakeholders, the sponsor and team members
  • Move into an existing project as Project Manager, identify problems that may be causing schedule and/or budget problems, and put the project on a solid foundation to succeed

Fee: $449.00

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