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Project Management: Advanced Topics

Dates: June 20-21, 2024

Meets: Thu. and Fri., Jun. 20, 21, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Location: Boise State University-Yanke Research Park Rm 312

Registration Fee & Materials: $549.00

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Add Advanced Skills and Techniques to Your Project Management Toolkit

Project Managers encounter a wide variety of situations where our basic Project Management skills and expertise may not fully meet our project’s needs. In these situations, a successful Project Manager can draw from advanced Project Management techniques to succeed.

This class introduces Project Managers to a number of advanced Project Management techniques that they can draw from throughout their careers. Building on foundational Project Management skills this course explores popular Project Management methods related to project prioritization, vendor management, Agile project management, continuous improvement processes like Lean and Six Sigma, and facilitating organizational change. Project Managers will gain confidence that they can draw from a more diverse set of skills to tailor their Project Management approach to meet complex Project Management challenges.


  • How to adapt Project Management skills to better manage and prioritize collections of projects within programs and portfolios
  • How common Agile Project Management frameworks operate and how teams use them to improve collaboration and better manage evolving requirements
  • How to use simple quality management tools from Lean and Six Sigma for process improvement
  • How to evaluate professional service providers and vendors and manage these relationships
  • How to lead organizational change to ensure your project’s benefits are fully realized


  • Know whether your project will benefit from Agile Project Management techniques, and how to apply them
  • Identify and engage others to bring about continuous process improvements in your organization
  • Reduce vendor risks on your projects by selecting the right vendor and contract type to meet your needs
  • Effectively navigate resistance to change, create desire for your projects, and reinforce organizational changes necessary to maximize project benefits
  • Facilitate better project prioritization discussions using multi-criteria decision-making techniques.


Fee: $549.00

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Boise State University-Yanke Research Park Rm 312

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