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Course CodeCourse NameDetailsCreditsFee
KE223OE4800001 #NoFakeNews: Teaching Information LiteracyOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4801002 21st Century Skills: From Your Classroom to the Workplace and CollegeOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4802003 A Classroom Brand and IdentityOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4803004 A New Bully - The CyberbullyOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4804005 Achieving Literacy Gains for Students with Limited EnglishOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4805006 Acquiring Parent Involvement and SupportOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4806007 Adapting Instruction to Reduce Unwanted BehaviorOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4807008 Adding Mindfulness and Meditation Into Your ClassroomOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4808009 Adding Yoga Into Your ClassroomOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4809010 Addressing Disciplinary LiteracyOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4810011 Addressing the Impact of PovertyOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4811012 Adjusting the Norm – Strategies for Embracing All Cultures in the ClassroomOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4812013 Adolescent LiteracyOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4813014 Advancing ELL Family-School RelationshipsOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4814015 Aiming Towards Eliminating Problem BehaviorsOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4815016 Aligining Your ELA Class to the Next Generation Learning StandardsOnline1.060.00
KE223OE4816017 Aligning Your Math Class to the Next Generation Learning StandardsOnline1.060.00
KE223OE4817018 Aligning Your Science Class to the Next Generation Science StandardsOnline1.060.00
KE223OE4818019 All Learning Types: Differentiating Instruction to Meet the NGLSOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4819020 Alternatives to SuspensionOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4820021 Anti Bullying Strategies For The ClassroomOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4821022 Anxiety and Stress Management in a School SettingOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4822023 Anxiety Disorders and Other Emotional DisturbancesOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4823024 Applying Evidence Based Practices to Improve Classroom ManagementOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4824025 Applying Research Based Strategies to Build Study SkillsOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4825026 Approaches for Changing Student Behavior Using PBISOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4826027 Are You a Culturally Responsive Teacher?Online3.0180.00
KE223OE4827028 Assessing Remote Students During Remote LearningOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4828029 Assessment and Innovative Data InstructionOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4829030 Auditory Processing DisorderOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4830031 Authentic Assessment in Physical EducationOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4831032 Autism Spectrum DisorderOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4832033 Basics of Blended LearningOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4833034 Battling Teacher BurnoutOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4834035 Behavior Modification in the New Age of TechnologyOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4835036 Behavior Modifications and Discipline StrategiesOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4836037 Blended Learning in Physical EducationOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4837038 Bring PBL to Physical EducationOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4838039 Bringing More Formative Assessment Into Your ClassroomOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4839040 Bringing PBL Into Your Math ClassroomOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4840041 Building a Classroom Culture of ResilienceOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4841042 Building Remote Student RelationshipsOnline1.060.00
KE223OE4842043 Character EducationOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4843044 Co-Teaching Methods That WorkOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4844045 Combating Childhood Obesity Through Physical EducationOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4845046 Conflict Resolution - How to Maintain the Peace in Your ClassroomOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4846047 Constructing Critically Conscious Learning EnvironmentsOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4847048 Constructing the Creative ClassroomOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4848049 Creating a Culture of Learning and Growth MindsetOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4849050 Critically Conscious Remote Learning EnvironmentsOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4850051 Data Driven InstructionOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4851052 Deconstructing the Opportunity GapOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4852053 Differentiated Instruction for English Language LearnersOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4853054 Discipline Models for The Classroom TeacherOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4854055 Effective Co-Teaching PracticesOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4855056 ELLs: Meeting the Academic Needs of English Language LearnersOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4856057 Emotional Disabilities - Best PracticesOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4857058 Emotional Security and Safe SchoolsOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4858059 Empowering Today's TeenagerOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4859060 Engaging, Motivating and Exciting LearnersOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4860061 Engaging, Motivating and Exciting Learners During Remote LearningOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4861062 Gifted Teaching and Learning in Every ClassroomOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4862063 Google Apps – The Paperless ClassroomOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4863064 Health Sciences Applied to CoachingOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4864065 How to Flip Your ClassroomOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4865066 Hypin’ Up Remote Learning - Hyperdocs, Textset, Collaboration and moreOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4866067 Improving Student Outcomes Through Effective HomeworkOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4867068 Improving Teacher Questioning TechniquesOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4868069 Incorporating Social and Emotional Skills Into Your ClassesOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4869070 iPads and Tablets in the 21st Century ClassroomOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4870071 LGBTQI EducationOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4871072 Managing ADHD and LD in the ClassroomOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4872073 Multi Cultural Education for the 21st CenturyOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4873074 Parent Contact Made EasyOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4874075 Preparing for Remote Learning and Evaluating its EffectivenessOnline1.060.00
KE223OE4875076 Principles, Philosophy and Organization of AthleticsOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4876077 Remote Learning with Hyperdocs, TextSets and CollaborationOnline1.060.00
KE223OE4877078 Social Emotional Strategies During Remote LearningOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4878079 Special Education Strategies During Remote LearningOnline1.060.00
KE223OE4879080 STEM Education in the Remote ClassroomOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4880081 Stoic Calm - Building a Strong MindsetOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4881082 Strategies for Improving Study SkillsOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4882083 Successful Remote Teaching StrategiesOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4883084 Tackling TraumaOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4884085 Teacher as Counselor: Appropriate Strategies for the ClassroomOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4885086 Teaching Students Grit and OwnershipOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4886087 Teaching TogetherOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4887088 Technology in the Common Core Math ClassroomOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4888089 Technology Tools For Every ClassroomOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4889090 The Paperless ClassroomOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4890091 Theory and Techniques of CoachingOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4891092 Understanding Mental Health and Mental IllnessOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4892093 Using Project Based Learning to Meet the NGLSOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4893094 Using Social Media in the ClassroomOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4894095 Wake Them Up! - Motivating LessonsOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4895096 What You Need to Know About VapingOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4896097 You’ve Got it Backwards: Understanding By DesignOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4897098 Your School is BYOD - Now What?Online3.0180.00
KE223OE4898099 Play-Based Pedagogy in the Elementary ClassroomOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4899100 Nature-based Pedagogy in the Elementary ClassroomOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4900101 Embracing Student Diversity and Immigrant Students in the K-12 ClassroomOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4901102 Teaching Kids to Code!Online3.0180.00
KE223OE4902103 Utilizing Digital Portfolios in the ClassroomOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4903104 Leveraging Tech Tools to Assist Special Education PopulationsOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4904105 K-6 Tools for Increasing Communication and Critical Thinking SkillsOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4905106 Improving Classroom Discussions with TechnologyOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4906107 Equity and Social Justice in the ClassroomOnline3.0180.00
KE223OE4907108 Teacher Leaders and Racial EquityOnline3.0180.00

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