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Value-Based Healthcare

Dates: January 17 - May 27, 2022

Meets: January 17-May 27, 2022

Registration Fee & Materials: $6,700.00


Volume to Value-Based Care via Healthcare Delivery Science

Payment systems are transitioning from volume- to value-based. For healthcare leaders, this means the future will require an ability to know the outcomes your healthcare system is producing, the quality of care experienced by patients, and the costs to produce them.

Reap the bottom-line rewards of encouraging different thoughts, approaches, processes and influences.

The Value-Based Healthcare Certificate mission is to develop and implement a revolutionary program and curriculum to address the critical state of healthcare and educate on adapting methodology and regulatory environments. The introduction and mastery of Value-Based Ideology as well as alternative healthcare delivery models studied, will provide the new nationwide benchmarks and care standards as well as allow for innovation and exploration from traditional fee-for-service, hospital-based care.


  • Healthcare Delivery and Payment Models: The history and modern implications
  • Healthcare Delivery Innovation: The knowledge and skills you need to know to adapt and thrive
  • Assessing Quality, Outcomes, and Cost of Innovative Patient-Centered Care
  • The application of Value-Based Principles


  • Articulate the developmental history of US health policy and previous delivery systems, to provide context regarding the need for change and alignment of care delivery systems to make them safer, patient-centered, and more responsive to the needs of the community, with increased efficiency, higher quality, and improved cost containment.
  • Understand the history and the law pertaining to diversity in the workplace.
  • Reflect the diversity of your market.
  • Describe how the current healthcare philosophy, efficiency, quality, and economics would be improved with a value-based approach, utilizing benchmarked and variation data from multiple sources, to drive organizational change.
  • Provide effective learning to create multidisciplinary healthcare leaders with the needed skills for necessary collaboration and communication among all stakeholders in the changing landscapes to create successful population health models and wellness focused communities.
  • Lead the proposal and management of value-based healthcare initiatives and engage in systemic approaches to improve long-standing health care problems at local, regional and national levels.

The ideal participants are individuals wanting or needing to know more on the healthcare transitions regarding patient-centered care models, population health, and payment reform. Clinicians, medical administrators, payer/contractors, state workers, and human resource personnel will all benefit and learn from participation in this course.

Discounts available for Idaho providers. Call (208) 426-1709 for discount information.


  • Face-to-face modules: during the week of July 12-16, 2021
  • Weekly online modules (Mon.-Sun.): July 1-November 19, 2021

Dr. Thom Walsh
Thom Walsh is the author of Finding What Matters Most to Patients (2019) and Navigating to Value in Healthcare (2017). He is an Adjunct Professor at the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice and a Visiting Associate Professor of Community Medicine at the Oxley College of Health Sciences at the University of Tulsa.

Thom’s clinical career began as a Physical Therapist with board certification as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist and sub-specialty training in Mechanical Diagnosis & Treatment as a spine specialist and a Performance Enhancement Specialist. His clinical career included work with elite and tactical athletes and spanned private practice and academic settings. Throughout that time, he was particularly interested in researching patient outcomes and the systems, processes, skills, and policies needed to continually improve them. Those interests led him to pursue an MS in Evaluative Clinical Sciences and a PhD in Health Policy.

Known as an excellent teacher and mentor, his current work centers on helping individuals, organizations, and educational institutions thrive during this period of rapid change. Professor Walsh’s peer-reviewed and general audience articles on healthcare value, patient-reported outcomes, shared decision making, change management, and leadership have appeared in numerous publications, including the BMJ, JAMA, Spine, The Journal of Healthcare Management, Forbes, The New America Foundation, and The Atlantic. In addition, Thom’s career was featured in the September 3, 2018 edition of Managed Care.

Thom enjoys hiking, running, reading, and serves his community as a search and rescue specialist. In addition, he has volunteered with Team Rubicon, a disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization.


Virtual Zoom event: during the week of January 17-21, 2022 Online module one - Weeks 1-7: January 24-March 11. 2022 Online module two - Weeks 8-15: March 14-May 13, 2022 Project Work - Week 16: May 16-20, 2022 Project Presentation - Week 17: May 23-27, 2022
Fee: $6,700.00